The ever growing outlets of WesGas Brand

Even to customers as far as Mukono where Mukono is about 30km away from WANA distribution centre we have never disappointed this group of our clients from this part of the country. We used to deliver gas to this area at no cost. our customers can bare us witness. however in ordet not to disappoint out customers who cook late in the night Wana management has established another point of sale to Mukono at City Shoppers Supermarket. Now our customers can enjoy WeSGas even late in the night without any hassle. We acknowledge that LPG cylinders are quite heavy and we hope that bringing the product nearer to our customers, the weight of the cylinders shouldnt be a deterrent to the use of LPG by the locals.

Therefore not only to customers in Mukono but to others for example in areas such as Mbale such customers are also able to access their product from the town centre. WANA is also looking at establishing an outlet in Masaka Town.



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