Masaka Town in central region hooked

Another milestone in WANA’s dream of extending LPG commonly known as cooking gas to rural Uganda. Masaka is our third rural outlet so far opened. This follows Mbale in Eastern, Mpigi in central and now Masaka another town in central region. WANA is treading on slowly but surely, and there are no intentions of rushing into the rural communities. With this kind of fuel there is usually a need to first sensitise the community before introducing it. Dr. Emmy Wasirwa the Managing director said. He notes that people fear the use of LPG because they consider it as a dangerous energy. There is usually a need to first introduce the energy, by bringing on board the professionals, business community and locals through community sensitisation by making them understand that LPG is not only a modern fuel but an energy which needs to be adopted by the many in this 21st century.

LPG is a clean, readily available form of energy, thermally efficient and yes it is affordable. This energy address two issues, climate change and household air pollution. Although it is a fossil fuel, it does emit less green house gases hence having less impact on the climate and on household air pollution.

WANA has no plans of holding back on its effort of reaching the many people in the countryside who mainly rely on traditional fuels for cooking.



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