Entebbe Road becoming a home of WANA

On 20th August, WANA increased its points of sale on Entebbe Road to six. Coinworth Supermarket at Broadway on Entebbe made our 31st Outlet and the six on Entebbe Road. Wana would wish to make sure that customers within the Entebbe Road Stretcher are well serviced and are able to access WeSGas within the catchment areas of 3km squared. WANA customers not only on Entebbe Road but also those from other areas who are not within this reach can call our hotline on 0777704397 or 0701704397 for gas delivery. Home delivery has been WANA’s strongest selling proposition in the industry. Our delivery service is free of charge and if any customer is charged from any our delivery system please do not hesitate to get in touch.



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