Wana Energy Solutions started in 2008 on the premise that Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a Clean, Accessible, Reliable, Energy (CARE) that can improve the lives of the almost 26 million people in Uganda who rely on biomass as a source of energy for cooking. In Uganda about 90% of the population uses traditional fuels as their primary source of energy for cooking and boiling water. This population lives in rural Uganda where they are the least to access clean energy from Liquefied Petroleum Gas and only 1% of the population uses it for its thermal credentials. Wana is interested in causing shift to the way how Ugandans relate traditional fuels and their adverse health effects and the solution that LPG provides. We continue to invest in the community by teaching how safe it is to use LPG domestically and for businesses. In addition to creating an LPG market, WANA works to create awareness in the community that LPG should be the premier alternative. We provide our products and services to the rural, peri-urban, and urban poor customers in addition to our commercial customers.

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